Premium PPC Traffic

This AD format is based on PPC (pay per click), for premium traffic only. We target keywords, GEOs, vertices, CTR, etc, to make sure the ADs are delivered the most relevant audience, so that our advertisers use less fund to get the best spot. You don’t need to have a detail campaign schedule, it’s all set at the advertiser dashboard, just follow it step by step. Not only do we work with premium advertisers and networks to guarantee the traffic quality, but also we build an smart traffic filter to tailor every traffic for you.


For normally research engine campaigns, like google campaigns, you ADs will be delivered at many spots: the top of search results, the bottom of search results, the right side of the search results, partner networks. While we only place your ADs on the top of the search results, so that you have the best CTR.

Why APP Media
  • Premium Traffic – We only deliver targeted traffic (like search result traffic) for you to reach the targeted customers,
  • Competitive Price – Our price is 70% cheaper than search engine, with the same traffic quality.
  • Fraud Click Protection – We used advanced technology to make sure every click is real.
  • Huge Traffic – We only work with top publishers and ad networks.
  • Easy AD management – You can set your Ad keywords, GEO, matches, schedule, etc.
  • Real Time Report – Your can review your campaign status with real time.

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